What Am I Creating?

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I can be sensitive, defensive, sharp with words, striking like the hawk or the snake.  Be Cause, my cancerian shell, a tender morsal inside, I am.

Conscious languaging is very important to me; authorative won’t work.  I am like the snake shedding it’s skin, the butterfly with it’s chrysallis.

What is my dream?

I celebrate my birthday for a month, from new moon to new moon.  I embrace my age, my life, as it’s a tapestry of creation, art!

An abundant life doing what I love, the eye of the hurricane, bliss, love, beauty and wisdom.

According to a new book Imagine, creativity is a skill! I understand this book has been recalled because (in my opinion) he was too creative with his quotes.

I want to be encouraged, appreciated and praised, tell me how beautiful I am, how much you love me, how much it makes me swoon when you kiss me, the art we create, as us together creates more love in the world!

An intense nervous system is mine;  breathing, contemplation and nature calms me.  Gut likes a varied diet, picked from the landscape without wheat. Great hearing and insights, problem solver/teacher/lecturer on this plane and others.  Dream study, dreams of prophecy, past lives and out of body experiences, a researcher.

Works with singing HU, Just Say Hu book, then knowing, trusting, listening to the wind blow, chimes on the breeze, writing to you.

What if everytime I hear you, I will hear Hu? I am looking to change more, to be the best I can be for myself and others with you/hu.  You/hu are here in my heart. I will wait for you/hu!

Mimosa trees their powder puff of pink pistals tickle my nose. Their intoxicating scent like honeysuckle and jasmine.  The three trees in the yard of my youth calmed me from their skyward perch framed with leaves like fern fronds.

My wants are for the asking, being willing to change to be the best I can be.  Being content; wanting more!


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